Asante: One Last One

A few years ago I went for a faculty and student leaders group retreat. I happened to be chatting with women in the legal field that I greatly admire(d) including a former Deputy Chief Justice and my dean at the law school. They asked me about what I wanted from life post school. I wanted to be married by twenty six or twenty seven (lol), travel, find myself and get employed in an audit firm in the first five years. I therefore applied to three audit firms and two got back with good news.  I plan to travel more next year. I found myself, twenty five will always be special for me in this regard. This post is therefore about things and people I am grateful for this year and how I think that I finally found myself. To each of you who made this possible, asanteni.

The firm that pays my salary.  This year I have had the best of clients, some of whom became great friends. Interacting with different circles at work has also been fulfilling, you never know what/who might come your way or make life interesting or leave you literally tongue-tied a million times, literally and figuratively. It’s the other things about work and the friendships and relationships that has kept me psyched on most days. I have also had to learn and unlearn a lot and put out fires, basically roll with a million punches. If I was to go back to the beginning of the year I’d still not change anything significant about working here this year because of the awesome people that came into my life. I hope this is a good ending.

My circle of close friends, you all know yourselves. At any point you guys have always been there to try one more recipe by me. Even the strangest of things like apple pork, mango chicken and cornstarch pancakes, worthwhile experiments. Thanks for waiting for me to take photos of the food when you just wanted to eat the food already. I love that you guys are always around to make this place warm. Different circles you have had my back better than a backrest. From midnight tears to the days that getting out of bed is just the hardest thing. Raiding your fridges for wine is something I’m keen on carrying into the future. Things like calling me to convince me on why I should still sit for that paper, going to the spa together, just watching me cry or making fun of my Swahili. Thank you. Asanteni. You are all irreplaceable. Cindy K you are my sister but you are as well in this circle of girlfriends that I would never replace. You all made me better.

Thankful for my family. This year I have visited family members in hospital and maxed out my outpatient cover. I never knew health was a thing people really pray for. I mean I knew but I took it for granted. Grateful for the doctors I met in the process and to my boss for being so understanding about it. All is well that ends well. I have wondered my decision to take my spiritual life very seriously this year was God’s way of preparing me all the craziness this year. Tag 88, thank you for keeping me grounded one way or another.

My best friend’s wedding. This was one of the greatest highlights of my year. When the girl you always dreamt about marriage with gets married you also get married. I am glad to have been part of this awesome experience with you guys. I wish the Gichoras a prosperous marriage. I am proud of our friendship and the person you became as a Mrs. I was so used to saying, “Hi Miss Ndunge”.

Moving out was great. This may sound a little melodramatic but again all my moving out stories have never been dull. When all is said and done, this is maybe one of the things I am most proud of. All change is good but this change could be a turning point in life. Housewarming invites coming your way soon.

Sharing stuff on this blog, Facebook and on Whatsapp status. Before this year I had been shy about sharing even the most mundane aspects of my life on social media. This year I decided to reach out with the aim of making a difference in someone else’s life and healing. I shared very personal stories and it was worthwhile. If you are courageous enough you never know who might benefit from your stories. I don’t think I can sustain it in the future therefore this might be the last one but glad that it was a worthwhile project, as vulnerable as it felt.

Teenagehood is weird. I woke up one day and cut my hair in high school and they threatened to send me back home until my hair grew since it was not ladylike. Hair has therefore always been such a thorny issue for me. Grateful that I felt comfortable to chop and subsequently let my natural hair out for so long after these many years. #naturalista

Taking up walks and swimming. For medical reasons I had to stop jogging as much as I loved to. I therefore went back to swimming and doing long walks. My various walk mates thank you for the stories and for appreciating nature. As for swimming, I hope next year shall get us to professional level. I don’t think anything makes me happier than swimming when the water is so warm or basking after swimming. I can’t even crystallize the experience into a sentence- water and candles or just water.

I will always be grateful about the existence of music. Most people think I really like books but music wins anywhere anytime. Music for the soul, instrumentals and just words. Sinatra and Kenny G were with me for the good and the bad times this year. And definitely pop and rock still stay at the top of my favourites.

Getting courage to let go of things that were not working or ever going to work. Hopeful that I will not close my heart to things that could work.

My pair of glasses. I need you like my eyes need to see.

Thank you all for making 25 and 2017 great. Blogging was great when it lasted.



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