A Million Dollar Daydream

The whole week I have been getting this question about how what I would do if I had a whole load of money. A whole load sounds funny but you you get it. Money that would not go away in a year.

I want to know what you all think. I have been thinking about what I would do and it sounds not as interesting as I would have been imagined it to be. So let us see, a million dollars.

First, I will only go by Adhiambo Kodhiambo and people will care to learn to pronounce and write them right.

I would entertain the very elite, host parties and give speeches. The truth is, I know I would be so bored if all I had to do was make myself look pretty and travel. I would still need to be intellectually stimulated and to feel that I played a part in how things turned out across the continent. I would only read meaningful or funny books about real people and places.

I would start by taking six months off to just lie low in some water, beaches and game parks and write about all these. I would go with my sisters to all these places. At least I know there would be time for more exotic travel, maybe across every stable country, especially in Africa and Europe.

My employer would not see me again. There are a million things I have wanted to do but time does not allow. I love the fact that most of the people I work with are pretty awesome but I need time to do things which have immediate impact to how the country is run. Maybe even impact things in more meaningful ways.

I would definitely make sure I have a pool and beautiful homes. I would live with my sisters. Maybe also see if I can be professional level swimmer. That will probably be four hours of swimming daily. I can imagine funding my sisters’ fashion business.

Then I would do what I like doing best, storytelling. I would interview politicians, corporate gurus and celebrities. Maybe even have a show about it. I would do this across the continent, and maybe even across the globe. This way I would also get more accurate insight into what kind of companies to invest in. I am interested in the Warren Buffett kind of investment.

Then I would make sure that I am remembered for the parties I host. All themes and all, think the Kennedys. I always imagined the kind of parties the British landowners threw without the extremism. I would push various agendas through people who have a say, think of a power broker of sorts across the continent. This is where many strategies would be made, corporate or political. I want to be the go to person when people want to know anything of importance with the economy or to determine their chance of political success.

I will build homes, houses and offices. I will invest in agriculture and food. We all need food. Over and above that, I will eventually be the media. I will ensure that fifty percent of all that is consumed in these sides of the Sahara has my fingerprints on it: Shelter, food, news and entertainment.

I would also probably decide on three babies instead of two. As long as they keep off drugs I will be happy but I will devote myself to this. They also cannot be mediocre or incompetent. More so all of them will use their African names and explore all the possibilities, as long as they do not self destruct. If I can control it they will not drink or smoke before they turn eighteen.

I will want to be remembered for making political and business dynasties across the continent. I will make sure I am invited by many business people and politicians. They will write about my parties and other things. They say I am good at strategizing, maybe that is where I would be headed.


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