Happiness is in letting the small things not bother you

I’m at my manager’s desk when I receive this call and inform someone that I’ll be around over the weekend. The Easter camp is no longer happening. The person on the other side is going on and on about how I seemed excited about the scenery and the waterfall and shocked that I decided not to go. I will just have to call them later.

My manager has been following this conversation. I had told her I’m keeping off her bitings to ensure my teeth do not stop me from this camp, of late I have been needing my dentist more than my employer pre-empted in their medical cover, will I shop or pay my dentist? If you have teeth issues you know it’s like having water somewhere in your ear after swimming. Someone teach me how to ignore them. I have not been to Central Kenya. Kiambu is basically Nairobi so I’ll leave it off the Central list. It would have been nice to explore. So I tell her why I’m not going and she can’t quite believe me.

” So when will you go?”

” I’ll look for one of these safari tours and go with random people.”

” If those are your reasons I’m sure you won’t like the random people you meet.”

Now this is how our two hour conversation starts. Then we realize that maybe the small details bother me a little too much.

I am bothered by small things more than big things. For instance, I am likely to be bothered if there are no extra tomatoes in the fridge than if my insane landlord thinks he has not been paid almost a hundred thousand shillings, okay maybe I will lecture the caretaker a little, you get my point though. Little things bother me, like if someone decides not to show up when they say they will, when someone says we will talk about things on a specific day but then do not keep their word, when people twist the truth a little too much, when people do not do their chores, when people show up unannounced, when people make promises they have no intention of keeping and many other tiny details. Mostly when people do not respect their commitments.

I have always kept off mean people, people who just put others down for no apparent reason. This is so different from straight talkers. I prefer to say things as they are and that people say things as they are. My manager turned life mentor seems to understand me on many issues. So as we are having this conversation I am explaining to her how some of my friends are frustrated that I do not go on and on about how their day was coupled with a million emojis. Then I realize that all these feelings is focussing inside out, gauging people based on my standards. Maybe I should just choose happiness. So telling myself that I should allow people just be themselves and not let it get to me. Where the line lies is a little too hazy to me. Can you change their personality?  My point though is choose happiness over orderliness and sometimes proper manners.

I love camps, I love water and I love the wild so I’ll be writing about the camp soon. Happy Easter season.



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