Do we share bad neighbor habits?

If you stay in an apartment then you must have a neighbor that does something crazy, unless of course you are never there, you completely mind your own business or you are the annoying neighbor.

Two days ago I came home from work at around nine thirty in the evening. I had planned on being home by five thirty but you know how some of these stuff go. If you don’t then your employer knows a thing or two about work/life balance. I am not complaining, today I arrived in the office at around eleven and I did not feel the urge to sneak in. That might also have had something to do with the fact that I tried to sneak in yesterday, or is it the day before yesterday and the partner caught me just when I was about to complete my thrilling effort. I am a hardworking and maybe excellent (depending on whom you ask) employee but at this week has been a drag. If there was a motivation measurement I would be at the bottom. Waking up, jogging and reading have been impossible.

Anyway, I make fresh juice on a weekly basis, sometimes more than once a week. My favorite juice has to have watermelons. It is funny how I used to hate those things. That night I really wanted to do chapatis. By the time I was done it was almost eleven. My blender is not exactly the quietest acquisition I own. My next door neighbor has an annoying pressure cooker, so not so bad.

My neighbors are awesome people. They are young families with a few kids or single people living with each other. I have a hate-love relationship with their kids but that is a story for another post. They are generally kind and only one of them plays their music like they are hosting a Protestant crusade. Don’t get me wrong, my family has been Protestant for a number of years. I was Protestant then Catholic, then nothing then Protestant again. Then there are some kids who wait till ten to give this shrill scream, you would think they are being stabbed. We have decided that they are in that terrible two tantrum stage. Then for that night there was my blender. Should I let my fruits go bad or should I just be that annoying neighbor just this once? That was the question.

Well, I have not been a good person. I am law abiding but when the saints go matching in I might have to beg to be among then. So I blend my juice and hope that the caretaker will not remember to talk to me about it. We have had some difficult conversation in the past. Ones that brought out the otherwise dormant lawyer instincts in me.

I felt extremely nice when I was done. After all, if you hate apartments that much work harder or relocate to a different city. People have done worse things, like blocking cars, letting their electricity meters beep longer than necessary and then there are house helps who wake up to rant about their employers very early in the morning.

What do your neighbors do?


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