What are you bad at?

Sometimes you know that you are meant to be great at something, or you probably cannot be bad at everything. Maybe it is knowing that you only need one thing to work out then maybe the rest of your life will work out.

I am bad at many things and great at many more but one of the things I really sucked at would be Cricket. After many years of being in self denial I said it out loud, okay, wrote it out. Why did I stick to it for that long? It was the hope that I would get better or the fear of being bad at everything that mattered to me. It is like that drunkard boyfriend that your friend took years to leave, it is mostly about hope.

Before I joined high school the only cricket I had heard of was that irritating insect. I wanted to belong and I was a teenager. There were some cool people playing the sport and others above and below me in a cadre of social importance, I could easily blend in and pass time. I had still not discovered what works for girls like me.

I was good at Math, I was bad at Math. It really depends on whom you choose to ask and when they knew me. It is a wonder that I found myself working at an accounting firm.If you ask me I might show my high school certificate that says A but that would never be the whole story. I sucked so much that I decided to play Cricket to forget about it.

Do not fret so much. I was great at some things. I was a daydreamer, still is. Cricket went a long way for a girl with hair like mine.I could imagine myself aiming well with the ball, swaying that bat and slaying it. Instead I missed a million times, I almost never hit the ball and the wicket always fell behind me. I always went back, because I hoped.It is like when somebody tells you that your feelings are not mutual and you still keep hoping that by some crazy miracle they will go all crazy about your magic. It is a great place for someone trying so hard to be great or at least great at just something.

If you suck at something leave it behind unless it is the only thing you cannot afford to also suck at. Despite getting into other sports such as hockey, swimming and aerobics I stayed with Cricket and it helped. If you ask anyone who knew me in high school they would tell me that my swimming makes for good comedy but at least I can swim for leisure. As for Hockey, I always thought I was great, exceptional, despite fishing for compliments that never came. For aerobics, I can do some moves on my living room floor.I always went back to Cricket religiously even when I did not get picked during real matches, I would not have chosen me either but I learnt to stick to some things.

Why did I stick to it? It is for the one time I would aim and hit the wickets and do the runs like I was Usain Bolt. I was on top of the world. I ruled the world. The feeling is better than five shots of tequila. It was the sound of hearing people shouting my name and for just that one game I was genius. I needed to know that I could be great at one thing for a moment then I would be great at everything. So I always went back, in the end I found the greatness.

So this year my Cricket is writing. I ran into an old friend who almost made me delete my blog. I suck at it but I will faithfully do it for one year.

What are you bad at this year? Tell someone to be bad at something until they find that greatness.